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Using the library



At BMA House, we have a variety of facilities available to BMA members including:

  • Desktop PCs with free scanning and printing facilities
  • Self-service photocopying service
  • Free, high speed WiFi
  • Large number of study spaces
  • Complete range of core clinical textbooks
  • Career and professional issues book collection

Find out more about all the facilities available at our library at BMA House in central London, from wi-fi and PC


Who can use the library

  • BMA members

    BMA members may use all the services and facilities in the library. They may be asked to show their BMA membership card.

    They may authorise a representative to use the library on their behalf, as long as the person is not eligible to join in their own right. The representative must be over 18 years of age and must bring with them a letter signed by the member authorising use of the Library. The representative may borrow items, if the letter authorises this, or the member authorises it over the telephone. We cannot issue items designated ’doctor only’.

    All photocopies must be paid for before the end of the visit.

  • Non-member doctors

    Registered medical practitioners and medical students who are not currently BMA members are not permitted to use any library services, even if they have letters of introduction. Find out about joining the BMA.

    PLAB students may not use the library unless they are BMA members, however refugee doctors may be eligible to join the BMA under our refugee benefit package - please contact the Membership Department on 020 7383 6955.

  • Members of the public and students

    Members of the public and students (other than medical students) should purchase a day readers ticket to use the library.

    The daily rate is £15 for reference only access to the Library.

    Please call ahead (020 7383 6625) to let us know you are coming. On arrival, please register with the Reception Desk at the entrance of BMA House, giving your reason for visiting the Library, and be prepared to give the name of the person you spoke to.

  • Overseas doctors

    Doctors visiting from overseas may use the library if they are not registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) to work in the UK.

    The following doctors may use the library for reference purposes:

    • European Union doctors applying for registration with the GMC who are members of their national medical association.
    • Doctors who have come to the UK to take a short course or those who have limited registration with the GMC for the period of a training course.

    PLAB students, even if they are members of a national medical association, may not use the library unless they are BMA members.

    All photocopies must be paid for before the end of each visit.

  • Institutional members

    Library staff from Institutional Member organisations may use the library without prior notice. They must show identification to prove they work in the library of the Institutional Member, especially should they wish to borrow books.

    Non-library staff from Institutional Member Organisations may be allowed reference-only access if they are doctoral or post-doctoral researchers or professionally qualified and undertaking research on the behalf of their organisation. They must show a letter of introduction, signed by their Librarian, indicating why they need to use the BMA library. Staff who are researching for their undergraduate or masters degrees are not allowed to use the library free of charge.

    All visitors from Institutional Member Organisations must pay for photocopies before they leave. Books must be requested through the Institutional Member library. For further information please see the guide to our Institutional membership scheme.

  • Librarians from non-institutional member libraries

    Librarians are allowed reference access free of charge.

    Library and Information Science students are allowed reference use of the library by prior arrangement with the Interim Library Manager:

    Marie Montague
    Interim Library Manager
    BMA Library
    BMA House
    Tavistock Square
    WC1H 9JP.
    tel: 020 7383 6036
    fax: 020 7383 6804 (please note new number - December 2016)
    email: [email protected]

    All photocopies must be paid for before the end of the visit.