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As a BMA member you get access to a range of clinical and non-clinical courses to help with your professional development and studies.

  • Live and recorded webinars
  • BMA non-clinical modules
  • Ask Dr Clarke revision courses
  • Non-clinical masterclasses
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Webinar Emotional intelligence - webinar This webinar introduces you to the concept of emotional intelligence and the dimensions that it encompasses.
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Webinar Personal and team resilience - webinar This webinar will concentrate on individual and team resilience. We will look at what resilience means and why it is important to your well-being and learn more about the five fundamentals of building resilience.
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Webinar Preventing bullying and harassment - webinar Learn how to identify if behaviour is bullying or harassment and how to help cultivate an environment where everyone feels equally respected and able to work to the best of their ability.
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Webinar Work, stress and positivity - webinar This webinar will help you to understand more about stress from an individual perspective and how to positively harness good stress. We’ll also share insights into how to strengthen your ability to handle workload pressure and the support that is available to you within the BMA.
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BMA module Emotional intelligence This module will help you understand the concept of “emotional intelligence” and how it supports everyday human interactions and leadership within modern healthcare environments.
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BMA module Workload and time management This module looks at how you currently manage your time and workload, helping you scrutinise your approach to time, address your challenges and equipping you with tools to give you more control and improve your effectiveness.
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