Working together to address health inequalities

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An event to discuss how the public service and healthcare sectors can work together to tackle health inequalities, including using a new toolkit launched by the BMA.
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This event is free of charge to attend, but places are limited.

What you will learn

Whilst we have all been in the same storm since March 2020, we have been far from being in the same boat. Covid-19 has affected different groups differently. This unequal impact of the pandemic can be explained very simply, and that is by health inequalities.

We already knew that health inequalities existed across the UK before Covid-19. The pandemic may have shone a light on or exacerbated health inequalities, but it has not necessarily created new ones.

There is already a great deal of evidence showing the role of social determinants on a person’s health. We know what the problem is, but what is the solution?

This online conference will bring together those working inside and outside the health sector to share ideas on how best to reduce health inequity in the UK.

At the event we will also be launching our new toolkit to support clinicians in tackling health inequalities in their local area. The event will be the culmination of a project on health inequalities led by BMA president Sir Harry Burns.


What to expect

This event will hear from those working within the healthcare system and beyond it to address health inequalities.

We hope attendees will feel inspired by what they hear to go back to their local communities armed with a better understanding of their sector’s role in reducing health inequity.



  • Professor Sir Harry Burns
    BMA president 2020-21; professor of global public health, University of Strathclyde; former chief medical officer for Scotland
  • Dr Krishna Kasaraneni
    BMA GP committee
  • Sarah Charters OBE
    Southampton General Hospital consultant nurse in emergency care
  • Dr Carey Lunan
    Deep End GPs chair
  • Professor Neena Modi
    BMA president 2021-22
  • Dr Bola Owolabi
    NHS England director of health inequalities

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