Why it is important to write a will

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A live webinar about the importance of making a will.

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What to expect from this event

This webinar will equip you with the information and guidance you need to plan your estate. It will highlight the importance of writing a will and make you think about what provisions would meet your needs and circumstances. It should also help you organise your assets and wishes so that you can protect your loved ones and your estate.


What you will learn

  • Why it's important to write a will.
  • What happens if you don’t write a will.
  • The main structure of a will and what it covers.
  • The ways in which people can benefit from your estate.
  • The impact of death on joint assets.
  • What assets will pass in accordance with a will and which will not.
  • Inheritance Tax rates.
  • Inheritance Tax allowances.
  • Main Inheritance Tax exemptions.


Key speaker

Hannah Clarkson is a wills and probate solicitor who is passionate about changing will statistics. Her aim is to encourage people at all stages of their life to be proactive about writing a will. Sometimes people  consider writing a will as something to do in later life. However, Hannah believes that when it comes to writing a will, it's never too early to consider issues such as co-habitation, joint assets, and children.

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