Reconsidering the allocation process for UK foundation training

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Join us for an informative and eye-opening talk as we start an open discussion on what students want from the future of the foundation training allocation method.

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The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) will be launching a stakeholder engagement exercise in the new year on a proposed reform to the current UK foundation training allocation process.

In preparation for this, the BMA Medical students committee is hosting a webinar in conversation with Professor Amir Sam, Head of Imperial College School of Medicine, to explore the current allocation method and its pros and cons as well as what an alternative to ranking could look like.

Read more about this in our latest blog by Luke Stephenson-Heskey, MSC deputy chair for education.


What to expect from this event

  • An update on the BMA medical students committee's ongoing work and engagement with the UKFPO.
  • Presentation from Professor Sam on some of the current pros and cons of the current allocation method to foundation training and alternatives to ranking.
  • A Q&A session.


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