Partnership Agreements – Why are they so important and what should they include?

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In this webinar, Dan Jones from BMA Law answers and explains the common queries regarding GP Partnership Agreements.

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What to expect

  • What is a Partnership (as a legal entity)?
  • Why having a Partnership Agreement (PA) in place is important and the consequences and dangers of not having one (Partnership Act 1890).
  • The important areas/matters/clauses that a PA must/should address (i.e. continuance, retirement, etc)
  • How a PA (and properly signing one) is paramount in preventing (and/or resolving) Partnership dispute.
  • Why keeping a Partnership up to date is vital for all of the above.

What you will learn

  • A clear description of the value in having a PA in place.
  • An explanation of the risks of not having an agreement in place (i.e. the risks and criticisms of the PA 1890) and not having it signed if put in place.
  • A highlight of key areas that all PAs should address and the importance of their inclusion and some examples.
  • Drafting tips and not commonly known legal implications of PA (i.e. restrictive covenants, statutory maternity leave, etc).

Key speakers

Daniel Jones is a paralegal on the BMA Law team. He attended the University of Manchester where he completed a PPE degree and attended BPP University for his GDL. He recently achieved a distinction grade in his Legal Practice Course from the University of Law and he is now pursuing his legal career.

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