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The JMF virtual taster event is an opportunity for junior members to be introduced to the inner workings of the BMA. You will be able to see how the committees represent you and your views.

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The virtual taster event will include speeches from our committees chairs and the council chair, and a motion writing workshop to generate motions for the February JMF conference debate.

Places at this forum are limited and allocated on a branch of practice and region basis. Junior members who have not attended a BMA event before will be prioritised for place allocation.

Confirmed attendees will be notified via email by Tuesday 19 October 2021. 


What you will learn

  • what the JMF is about
  • the different branches of practice in the BMA
  • how to get involved with the work of the BMA
  • how to write a strong motion for debate.


What to expect

  • an informative session with speakers from across the BMA
  • an opportunity to find out what the BMA is currently working on
  • an interesting motion writing workshop, delivered by the JMF exec. In this breakout session, you will be split into 4 groups to discuss your workplace experiences and what you would like to change.


JMF conference 2022

Those who attend the virtual event will have priority registration for the in-person JMF conference taking place on 26-27 February 2022.

The programme for the JMF conference will be announced at the virtual taster event.

The conference will be open to BMA members from all parts of the profession - whether you are a medical student, GP, consultant or junior doctor, as long as you are within 12 years of provisional registration or 11 years of full registration.

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