Junior Members Forum 2024 - ‘Empowering Change’

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Sat, 3 Feb 2024, 11:15AM - 5:00PM Sun, 4 Feb 2024, 9:30AM - 3:15PM

Join in person at
BMA House Tavistock Square London WC1H 9JP

The JMF (Junior member forum) is a weekend-long event dedicated to making grassroot members’ voices heard.

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Free for BMA members

What to expect from this event

  • The chance to network with other junior BMA members and senior BMA leaders from all branches of practice, increasing your visibility.
  • Learn how to develop motions and influence BMA policy, as well as join practical workshops on lobbying, social media, leadership and local organising.
  • A good stepping stone into getting more involved with the BMA, its structures and understand what the BMA can do for you.



The programme will include presentations from the BMA chief officers and an external keynote panel exploring the theme of empowering change and leadership from the different perspectives of trade unionism, building resilience as a medical leader and developing joined up ways of working as health professionals.

The forum will also include motion writing clinics to support you writing and developing your own motions, before debating it to become BMA policy. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to choose and attend from a variety of skill- based workshops that will tackle issues such as lobbying, local organising, using social media or becoming a leader in the BMA.



1. Changing policy and legislation
This workshop will provide you with an insight into the world of political lobbying. Our facilitators will take you on a journey through the lobbying process and parliamentary affairs, equipping you with a better understanding on how you can influence policy and legislation change in UK. We hope that after attending this workshop, you will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to affect change to the issues that that matter most to you, your community and fellow colleagues and medical students.

2. What it means to be a leader in the BMA
In this workshop, you will get insights into how the BMA works and our representative structures, both at a national and local level. You will also hear from the senior elected chief officers about their personal stories of starting in the BMA and lessons from their leadership journey. By the end of this session, we hope we will inspire you to develop your own leadership potential, get involved with the BMA and create the change you want to see in your workplace and medical school.

3. Getting organised locally
If you’re interested in local organising, this workshop will explore how to develop your individual and collective voice to defend your rights at work or medical school. Our facilitators will provide you with helpful guidance on how you can become more active in your community, workplace or medical school and develop your understanding and practice of local organising and activism.

4. Using social media for change
For the past few years, doctors and medical students have been harnessing the power of social media to impart their knowledge to the wider public, build their personal brand or lead successful protests and grassroot campaigns. In this workshop, you will hear from BMA staff experts on how you can use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter/ X to amplify your voice and affect change. We will provide you with tips and guidance on how to tailor your message, plan content and build engagement with your audience.


Registration information

The deadline for registration is 6 December.

We will contact you by email as soon as possible to confirm your place and no later than 22 December.


Expenses and accommodation

Your reasonable travel expenses will be met by the BMA and accommodation at a London hotel will be provided for all attendees that need it on Saturday, 3 February. A formal conference dinner is held on Saturday evening.  No reimbursement for alternative dinner or accommodation arrangements will be made.

Lunch will be provided for all attendees on Saturday, 3 and Sunday 4 February. No reimbursement for alternative lunch arrangements will be made.


Confirmation of booking

Places at the forum are limited and allocated by both branch of practice and region.  We will contact you by email as soon as possible to confirm your place and no later than 22 December.



The conference is open to BMA members from all parts of the profession whether you are a GP, consultant, SAS, junior doctor or medical student, as long as you are within 12 years of provisional registration or 11 years of first full registration with the GMC.  Please note, to be eligible you need to not be a current BMA committee member or have been to previous BMA conferences.


Child and dependent care facilities

Subject to demand, child and dependent care facilities will be available during the conference, but this must be booked in advance. Please indicate on the booking form if you would like further information regarding this.

Organiser details

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