GP leases and service charges

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This training will cover key issues that General Practitioners should consider when entering into leases for the premises they operate from.

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About the event

An overview of the types of disputes that often arise between GP tenants and landlords will also be provided, with tips on how to resolve them. It is, of course, vital that GPs have premises to operate from. However, the administration and legality of it can often be overlooked – as complex leases can test both time and focus.

The intention of this training is to provide an overview of the key provisions and differences between ‘normal’ leases and GP leases, and how to deal with disputes that may arise.


What will you learn

  • The various basis of occupation
  • Rent review clauses
  • Service charges
  • Clauses and disputes
  • Reimbursements pursuant to the premises costs direction
  • ‘Last man standing’ / assignment provisions


What to expect

Attendees can expect to come away from the training with an understanding of:

  • the various types of occupation, and how GP leases differ from standard commercial leases
  • key clauses to look out for when entering into a new lease
  • how to approach disputes with landlords, in particular service charge disputes.


Key speakers

  • Stephen Meade, Partner, who leads the Commercial Disputes team at Capital Law Limited
  • Clare Good, Associate in the Commercial Disputes team
  • Tom Jones, Solicitor in the Commercial Disputes team


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