COMAR (conference of medical academic representatives) 2021

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Held over 20 and 21 May, COMAR is the BMA’s policy forum for medical academics, organised annually by the BMA’s medical academic staff committee (MASC).

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Members: Free 
Non-members: £20 including VAT

Sign in using your BMA account details to register; non members may apply for temporary web access.

All doctors engaged in medical academic activities – research, education and training and innovation – who may be based in higher education institutions, in the NHS, in industry and beyond – are welcome, irrespective of the stage of career. 

Dental academics (at all stages of their career) are also welcome and the British Dental Association has undertaken to meet their registration costs. To access this route please email [email protected].

The event will take place on Thursday 20 May (5.30pm - 7.30pm) and Friday 21 May 2021 (10.30am - 2.30pm).



The overall theme for the conference is celebrating the contributions of medical academics to the response to COVID-19 and what this might mean for the future.

  • Two keynote panel sessions on the Thursday evening and Friday afternoon on ‘Being led by the science – what went well for academic medicine and what next?'.
  • Opportunities to create, submit and debate policy motions on issues affecting medical academics, giving you the chance to influence the BMA’s work over the coming year.

It will also include workshops that develop the main theme and other issues of practical importance to medical academics including on:

  • wellbeing - Mary Meekings, head of CSER at BMA
  • teaching and funding - Colin Macdougall
  • women in academic medicine - Sarah Allsop
  • career progression and medical academics from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds - tbc speaker from the BMA committee for medical managers
  • safety at work - Anne Raynal, chair of the BMA occupational medicine committee 
  • tackling health inequalities - Sir Harry Burns, president of the BMA (tbc)
  • research and funding - tbc.

Attendees will also be able to set priorities and play an active role in determining the direction of MASC as well as electing its members.


Who can attend?

All places are now open for registration and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

There is room for both trained and trainee representatives from all universities, and from all devolved nations in the UK and from all regions of England.

You should indicate your institution or workplace on the registration form. MASC would like all parts of the medical academic sector to be represented. You can find out more information about your eligibility from the MASC secretariat at [email protected].

You do not need to be a BMA member to take part, but non-members will first need to register with the BMA website.

Attendance is free to BMA members and costs £20 (including VAT) for non-members. Non-members are entitled to the BMA rate if they join the BMA when registering. For further information about this call BMA conferences on 020 7383 6137.

If for any reason after registering you should find yourself no longer able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so your place can be allocated to someone else.



The way that COMAR influences MASC (and hence BMA) policy is through debate on motions and then voting whether to support, amend or reject them. COMAR informs the BMA’s annual representative meeting agenda committee about the motions that are agreed, and where appropriate these can be debated further at the ARM and adopted as BMA policy.

Once you have registered for COMAR you can submit a motion to the COMAR agenda committee for consideration. Please send them to [email protected]

The deadline for motions is 10am on Monday 19 April.

The COMAR agenda committee would particularly welcome motions on the topics being covered by the panel sessions and related to the workshops, and also on increasing diversity in the medical academic workforce generally.

Read our advice on how to write a good motion (which should increase the chances of it being debated).


Caring responsibilities

Care facilities for children and adult dependents are available for BMA members who request them by Saturday 17 April 2021. We cannot guarantee to provide this facility if notice is given after this date.

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