BMA PLG patient information awards 2021 ceremony

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The BMA PLG patient information awards return in 2021 to recognise accessible, well-designed, and high quality patient information resources.

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As well as celebrating 2021 Awards shortlist and the overall winner, the event will be an opportunity to shine a light on the importance of communication in patient care - between patients and medics, the BMA and external stakeholders, and organisations with one another.


What to expect from this webinar

The event will:

  • celebrate quality patient literature and its value for patients and clinicians, highlighting the importance of trusted and evidence-based patient/public information
  • signpost attendees to award-winning patient information, highlighting why it’s valuable to their role as clinicians
  • give healthcare charities a platform to share best practice, learn from each other, and deliver better patient outcomes.


Key features

  • The ceremony solidifies the important work of BMA PLG and its role in the awards, further highlighting the PLG’s mission to ensure that the patient voice is represented and valued.
  • Medical Aid Films keynote sessions will feature Medical Aid Films’ project, supported by BMA Giving, to deliver COVID-19 health information to BAME, migrant and non-English speaking communities across the UK. This hybrid feature will celebrate a project that is relevant and timely for specific groups of patients and doctors. 



  • Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chair 
  • Christine Douglass, BMA patient liaison group chair
  • Catherine McCarthy, Medical Aid Films
  • Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya, Medical Aid Films



The virtual ceremony will be broadcast live. 

Each of the shortlisted projects will be presented by a pre-recorded video unveiling the human stories behind each project.

The ceremony will conclude with a live Q&A with the overall winner.


Who can attend

This workshop is free for BMA members and non-members.

Attendees will receive an email to confirm their place and the details of the online session.


Organiser details

Kimberly Murrell