Give us your views on the proposals in your STP

By the end of last year all 44 STPs (sustainability and transformation plans) were published. These are plans for local areas to implement the Five Year Forward View and achieve financial balance by 2020. We support the aim to integrate services across health and social care and create a longer term, more collaborative, plan for NHS services. However, we have had serious concerns about the ways in which some of these plans have been put together.

We have asked for assurance related to the overall process and to each specific plan on the following five key asks:

  1. The plans need to be made public as soon as possible. All 44 plans have now been published and can be found on the BMA STP website.
  2. All proposals within the plans need to be realistic and evidence based.
  3. There needs to be a commitment to full consultation with clinicians, patients and the public on any proposed changes as early as possible.
  4. The plans need to be funded properly.
  5. Patient care, and not savings, needs to be the priority of each and every plan.

For us to understand whether areas are meeting these asks we need your feedback. Please comment on the thread for your STP to give us your views on the proposals in your STP or whether they are meeting the BMA’s five asks.

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