• United in the face of an atrocity

    I live very close to the Manchester Arena - within walking distance of it - and on Monday evening I had decided to get an early night as I normally work a long day on a Tuesday.
  • Injustice is happening to all GPs

    How to improve recruitment and retention in general practice is surely one of the issues currently exercising some of the biggest policy brains in UK healthcare.
  • ‘I have selfishly reproduced’

    Standing up in front of her colleagues in the lofty auditorium at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Zoe Norris had a confession to make: she was, she said, responsible for the crisis in general practice.
  • Without the funding, devolution will fail

    • 19 May 2017
    Greater Manchester has become the first English region to be handed full control of its £6bn health budget. Devo Manc holds out the promise of meaningful and deep integration within the health service, and between health and social care.
  • Equality equals quality

    • 19 May 2017
    There is no significant visible representation of black doctors in the media, so I suppose many young people may feel as though this profession is not for them.