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Growing Up in the UK: Ensuring a healthy future for our children

Growing up in the UK report cover

Our keystone report on children and young people was published in May 2013. 

Read our 2016 review of the Growing up in the UK report, looking at the changes that have occurred since 2013.

The report concluded that we are failing our most vulnerable children, and expressed major concerns about the effects of poverty and social inequalities on child health and wellbeing in the UK, which were under performing in comparison to other European countries.

The authors also criticised the lack of funding and support for children and families across the UK, stating that it is short-sighted to remove funding from health intervention projects, and that investing money to address the causes of inequalities is far more effective than paying for the consequences.

Recommendations in the report set out what is needed to move towards an equitable society where all children are given the best start in life, and highlight the importance of coordinating children’s health services, and the processes and structures that enable them, in the interests of children and families.

They also reiterate the importance of taking a life-course approach to child health, where health and wellbeing are integrated across the lifespan from pre-conception to adolescence.

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