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Caring, supportive, collaborative – ARM open session

ARM 2018 Annual Representative Meeting Caring Supportive Collaborative Open Session
Members speaking at the Caring, Supportive, Collaborative open session

At the 2018 annual representative meeting we held an open session where members were invited to contribute their thoughts, ideas and solutions to some of the challenges facing the NHS. The session focussed on ideas for creating a supportive culture, ensuring the future workforce is able to meet the needs of patients and exploring how healthcare systems should be structured and funded. 


Creating a supportive culture

Members were asked what extent do you agree? 

1. In my current workplace, there is a commitment to learn and make safety improvements rather than to blame people when things go wrong.
2. Since the Francis and Berwick reports in 2013, the culture of the NHS has improved.

Here's some of our members views:


Future workforce and skills mix

Members were asked what extent do they agreed with these statements? 

1. Recognising that additional increases in doctor numbers are unlikely in the near future, increases in the non-medical workforce are necessary to support doctors with their workload.
2. It is most important that formal regulation is secured for medical associate professions—ultimately meaning that the eventual regulator defines their scope of practice and their supervisory arrangements within doctor-led multidisciplinary teams.

Here's some of our members views:


Healthcare funding, structures and collaborative working

Members were asked what extent do they agreed with these statements? 

1. The government should fund an increase in resources for the NHS through a tax increase dedicated specifically for this purpose. 
2. More funding for the NHS should not mean ‘more of the same’: change is needed to ensure that in the future more integrated and collaborative care is the norm, especially between primary and secondary care.

Here's some of our members views:


The results

Watch members respond to these statements by voting with their interactive buttons at the session.

Visual minutes infographic (click the image to view full screen):Caring supportive collaborative infographic

Read the Caring, supportive, collaborative: a future vision for the NHS ARM briefing (PDF)