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Bullying and harassment: how to address it and create a supportive and inclusive culture

On Thursday 1 November 2018, the BMA hosted a one-day conference on bullying and harassment at BMA House.

The BMA presented the findings and recommendations which emerged from the BMA's bullying and harassment project over the past two years.


About the event

The full programme for the day can be found here. A range of issues were addressed including:

  • The impact on patient care of bullying, harassment and incivility at work
  • Improving relationships across hierarchies and between staff groups
  • The role of leaders in creating a supportive and compassionate culture

Interactive forum theatre led by Performing Medicine explored when behaviour becomes bullying or harassment and how to respond.

The day finished with a panel session which included representatives from the GMC, NHS Social Partnership Forum, CQC and Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.


Highlights from the symposium

Chaand Nagpaul, Anthea Mowat and Henrietta Hughes

Presentation slides - Findings from the BMA bullying and harassment project

Presentation slides - The importance of speaking up and how guardians can help


Madeline Carter, Neil Thompson and Caroline Elton

Presentation slides: Why do we fail, and what can we do

Presentation slides: Recognising the needs of doctors


Chris Turner and Jocelyn Cornwall

Presentation slides: Understanding the impact of incivility on colleagues, patient care and safety

Presentation slides - Sharing experiences of providing healthcare and strengthening relationships


Jo Vigor

Presentation slides: The role of leaders in creating a compassionate and supportive culture