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Bullying and harassment support resources

As a part of our programme of work to raise awareness of workplace bullying and harassment within the NHS, we want to improve the support that doctors receive.

We provide a number of services to help and advise doctors who are experiencing bullying at work but also to those who may have witnessed examples of bullying and wish to raise concerns.

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BMA services

BMA employment advisers

We support BMA members in a variety of ways. Often the first port of call is to contact our expert team of employment advisers who can ask the right questions to determine the correct route for your concerns. 

Find out how we help members

Listen to a senior employment adviser talk about the support we can give


Wellbeing support services

Our Counselling service is staffed by professional telephone counsellors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Peer support service runs alongside Counselling giving doctors and medical students in distress or difficulty the choice of speaking in confidence to another doctor. It's confidential peer support with an emotional focus.

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BMA resources

How to address bullying and harassment at work

We have produced practical guidance on what constitutes bullying and harassment, what to do if you are being bullied and what to do if you witness it. You can also find specific advice on sexual harassment.

Read the guidance


BMJ e-learning modules

Preventing bullying and harassment

Assertiveness in the workplace

The art of effective feedback

Understanding resilience in the workplace 

Dealing with conflict


Bullying and harassment posters

We have designed two posters to display in your workplace.

One highlights the issues, the extent of the problem and what the BMA is doing about bullying and harassment.

Download the poster

One highlights the sources of support available to BMA members.

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Stand against bullying campaign


News, blogs and personal stories

We know how it feels. Read our collection of blogs and personal stories.

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