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BMA consultation response: A draft health care workforce strategy

Junior doctors working together

In December 2017, Health Education England published a draft health and care workforce strategy for England.

This is the first ever system-wide draft strategy and consultation for health and social care services in England.

Read our consultation response


Our response

Our consultation response highlights the immense pressure under which doctors and staff are working in today’s NHS.

Working in such a severely pressurised environment, without adequate resources, capacity or support, puts both doctors and patients at risk.

These pressures are key drivers of the dissatisfaction with working life for doctors and other NHS staff, which in turn impacts on morale, wellbeing, the quality of patient care and the long-term sustainability of the NHS.

Our recent report, Working in a system that is under pressure explores these issues, consequences, and possible solutions in greater depth.


Key points from our response

  1. Better workforce planning supported by adequate data to ensure safe staffing levels
  2. A focus on the recruitment and retention of NHS staff
  3. A commitment to creating positive working cultures within the NHS
  4. A more controlled workload with flexible working options
  5. An Improved training experience for doctors
  6. A future immigration system that is responsive to the needs of the health and social care sectors
  7. Better remuneration for doctors and staff in the NHS



BMA stresses flexible working