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BMA briefing: Seven-day services

The BMA briefed peers ahead of a debate on the implications of introducing seven-day services in the NHS.


Key points

  • The BMA believes that patients should receive the same high standard of care seven days a week but if the government wants to make more services available across seven days, then it needs to urgently address how it will staff and fund them.
  • We have repeatedly raised concerns about how the government intends to deliver its manifesto pledge for a ‘truly seven day NHS’ without first providing detail on how their plans will be funded, staffed, and what the impact will be on weekday services.
  • The government has ignored these repeatedly raised concerns from the BMA, other leading healthcare organisations, and now its own risk assessment’s warnings about the lack of staffing and funding needed to deliver further seven-day services.
  • Instead of providing further details about their plans, the government has instead branded doctors, who already work seven days a week, as an obstacle to reform.


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Seven-day services

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