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BMA briefing: NHS funding

The BMA briefed MPs ahead of an opposition day debate in the House of Commons on NHS funding.

We highlight in our briefing that the NHS is facing unprecedented demand across almost all services and as a result of this doctors are being asked to work in an overstretched, under-resourced health service.

We emphasise that this is unprecedented and that demand must be matched with increasing investment, based on a realistic assessment of what is needed to meet the health needs of current and future generations.

During the debate the Shadow Health Minister, Justin Madders MP referred to the BMA’s concerns that the creation of Sustainability and  Transformation Plans (STPs) may exacerbate the funding crisis in the NHS or be used as a way to reduce money available to the NHS.

The debate also coved a range of additional issues referred to in the BMA briefing including concerns raised by members of the health committee around the true value of government’s NHS funding, the impact of the current crisis in general practice, the shortfall of provision for those in mental health crisis and the impact across the population of underfunding social care.


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NHS funding debate

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