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BMA briefing: Funding of the NHS after the UK leaves the EU

The BMA has briefed MPs ahead of a debate on the funding of the NHS after the UK leaves the EU.

The NHS is facing unprecedented demand across almost all services, an ageing population coupled with increasingly complex patient illnesses and a drastic funding shortfall. Doctors are increasingly being asked to work longer in an overstretched, under-resourced health service.

This funding crisis facing the NHS risks being worsened by the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Current economic predictions suggest that Brexit may result in a domestic economic downturn, or in the very least, economic uncertainty. If these predictions are proven to be correct, this downturn is likely to reduce public spending in general and, specifically, the level of funding which is available to the NHS.

We share the views of the 41 politicians who wrote to the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, on 24 October 2016, urging him to uphold the ‘single most visible promise of the Leave campaign’ to give the NHS an extra £350 million a week in the forthcoming autumn statement. The government must deliver upon this funding promise made by Brexit campaigners, which proved to be so persuasive at the ballot box, so that patients get the health service they deserve.


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Funding of the NHS after the UK leaves the EU

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