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BMA briefing: Debate on the Queen's Speech 'Exiting the European Union'

The BMA briefed MPs and Peers ahead of debates on the Queen’s Speech on Brexit, including the forthcoming Immigration Bill.


Key points

  • Proposals to control immigration from the EU, as outlined in the forthcoming Immigration Bill, must take into account the needs of the NHS, university and research sectors for both skilled and unskilled labour. Any future immigration system should be flexible enough to ensure that gaps in workforce are quickly filled where they cannot be met by UK nationals. This is vital to the safe staffing of health services and ensuring patients receive a high quality, reliable and safe service.
  • The prime minister must deliver on her promise to guarantee the rights of EU nationals in Britain, and Britons living in Europe, as soon as possible. EU doctors and medical academic staff currently working in the UK should be granted permanent residence here, regardless of whether they have been resident here for five years or not.
  • We also call on the government to work urgently with both the EU and Irish government to develop legally viable solutions which will protect the longstanding rights of UK and Irish nationals on the island of Ireland, to travel, work and live on either side of the border.


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Debate on the Queen's Speech: 'Exiting the European Union'

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