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BMA briefing: Child poverty

The BMA briefed MPs ahead of a debate on child poverty.

We are deeply concerned about the lifelong impact that growing up in poverty can have on a child’s development and future wellbeing particularly the dramatic differences which exist across the UK and believe government need to do more to protect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society who suffer a disproportionate burden.

It also encapsulates the findings of our reports on growing up in the UK, and austerity, which found that poverty was linked to shorter life expectancy, low birth weight and increased chances of long term health conditions. 

During the debate, Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions Margaret Greenwood MP referenced the BMA report’s, Cutting away at our children’s futures and the rest of the debate also reflected messaging contained within our briefing, including mentions from Dan Jarvis MP, who tabled the debate, on increasing child poverty figures and Kate Green MP, who made several references to the health impacts of poverty on children.


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Child Poverty debate

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