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NHS at breaking point - media coverage

NHS at breaking point - see an overview of our activity during the General Election 2017.

Media coverage

The key issues contained in our BMA manifesto were widely covered across national and our own media channels. Read the highlights.


Election fever for the NHS

To make the crisis facing the NHS centre stage during the general election, the BMA has produced a manifesto of five demands of politicians of all denominations. Peter Blackburn explains.

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BMA seeks 'a vote for health'

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Connecting doctors

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Response to General Election

Don't duck the NHS Crisis: Leading doctor tells politicians to put crippled NHS at heart of general election campaigns
The Sun, 18 April 2017

Voters 'will expect incoming government to solve crisis for GPs' says doctors' leaders
Pulse, 18 April 2017


GMC reveals most European doctors are considering leaving UK due to Brexit
The Independent, 28 Feb 2017

GMC poll claims almost 60% of EU doctors are considering leaving the UK
The Guardian, 28 Feb 2017

An exit from Brexit
BMA News, 23 Feb 2017

Four in 10 European doctors working in Britain 'considering leaving because of Brexit'
The Independent, 23 Feb 2017

Melody Redman: Don't drive away EU medics who keep our NHS afloat
Yorkshire post, 23 Feb 2017

Four in 10 doctors considering leaving UK over Brexit, according to study
ITV News, 23 Feb 2017

NHS funding

Cash-strapped health service could borrow £10bn from hedge funds to avoid begging Government for more money
The Daily Mirror, 10 April 2017

NHS planning to borrow £10bn from hedge funds in move health campaigners call 'desperate'
The Independent, 10 April 2017

British Medical Associations says NHS is at breaking point
The Guardian, 20 Feb 2017

Theresa May urged to get a grip on NHS as winter crisis spirals
The Guardian, 7 Jan 2017

NHS in England to charge foreign patients upfront
BBC online, 6 Feb 2017

General practice

GPs leaving at a rate of 150 per month despite government pledges to hire 5,000 extra by 2020
Mail Online, 30 March 2017

Drop in GP numbers 'a huge blow' which GP leaders say shows deepening crisis
GP Online, 29 March 2017

Patients at risk due to GP shortage
ITV News, 5 Dec 2016

GP survey says, 9 out of 10 GPs cannot offer safe care
The Daily Telegraph, 28 Nov 2016

GPs reveal workload is 'excessive and unmanageable'
Express, 28 Nov 2016

NHS pressures

British Medical Associations says NHS is at breaking point
The Guardian, 20 Feb 2017

NHS 'breaking point' now the new norm as six years sees 15,000 beds lost
The Daily Telegraph, 20 Feb 2017

British Medical Association: 'NHS at breaking point' as beds shortage compounds situation
ITV News Online, 20 Feb 2017


NHS needs £9.5bn upfront in order to secure a future, says BMA
The Guardian, 14 Feb 2017

Social care crisis threatens an implosion in NHS, warns UK's top doctor who says services are "cracking" under pressure
The Daily Mirror, 30 Dec 2016

BMA warns that plan for future or NHS could be used as cover for delivering cuts
Yorkshire Post, 21 Nov 2016


'It's our NHS' March

Media coverage

Tens of thousands protest against NHS hospital cuts
BBC news, 4 March 2017

Doctors speak out

Jeeves Wijesuriya speaks to protesters

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In photos

See pictures from the march.

It's Our NHS National Demonstration 2017


Protest highlights on Twitter

The NHS is one of the best health services in the world, but is, increasingly, failing too many people for too much of the time.

It is at breaking point.

What are the breaking points?