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NHS breaking point - Public health

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Politicians must take urgent action to improve the health of the population and reverse cuts to public health

The BMA calls on all political parties to:

  • work with health professionals to deliver a public health strategy focused on tackling the causes of ill-health over a generation

  • deliver on the existing commitment to ensure parity of esteem between physical and mental health services

  • prioritise measures to tackle the impact of unhealthy food and drink, tobacco and alcohol on the public's health

The socio-economic context that influences our opportunities in life are also significant factors in greater ill-health and premature death. The widening of these considerable health inequalities in the UK is very concerning.

Doctors see the consequences of poor public health on a daily basis in their communities, clinics, emergency departments, and on hospital wards: obesity rates remain stubbornly high across the UK, nearly one in six adults still smoke, and 7.8million adults binge drink. This causes substantial ill-health, and one estimate suggests that, combined, these health risks cost the NHS £18billion per year in the UK.

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