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NHS breaking point - Brexit

EU referendum
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Politicians must ensure the health service is a priority during Brexit negotiations

The BMA calls on all political parties to:

  • give highly skilled EU doctors and medical researchers currently in the UK - on whom the health service relies - permanent residence in the UK

  • ensure a flexible immigration system which meets the needs of the UK health service and medical research sector

  • preserve existing reciprocal arrangements, including mutual recognition of professional qualifications and measures which protect patient safety

  • secure ongoing access to EU research programmes and research funding, to maintain the UK's world-leading science and research base

  • ensure Brexit does not hinder the UK's ability to play a leading role in European and international efforts to tackle global health threats

  • address the unique impact Brexit may have on the health service in Northern Ireland

More than 10,000 doctors currently working in the NHS (6.6% of the UK medical workforce) received their primary medical qualification in another European Economic Area (EEA) country with additional staff working in public health and medical research.

These highly skilled professionals have become essential members of the UK's medical and research workforce. They have enhanced the UK's health, higher education and research systems, improved the diversity of the profession to reflect a changing population, brought expertise to the NHS and higher education, and filled shortages in specialties which may otherwise have been unable to cope.

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