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NHS breaking point

Craigavon hospital 
17 October 2016
Secondary care

Below is an overview of our activity during the General Election 2017.

Consecutive governments have been in denial about the state of the NHS. The NHS is one of the best health services in the world, but right now it is at breaking point.

Our hospitals and GP surgeries are full, social care is on its knees, with staff working under impossible conditions. This not only affects the quality of the care which patients receive, but can also have a profound impact on patients' individual experience of the NHS. 

During the General Election campaign in June 2017, our BMA manifesto - a vote for health, called on the Government not to duck this crisis any longer, and instead to outline credible and sustainable plans that will safeguard the future of the fully funded and supported NHS that staff want and patients deserve.

Find out more about...

  • BMA manifesto - a vote for health

    During the general election campaign, we called on all political parties to put healthcare at the forefront of their plans, focusing on the five key areas outlined in our manifesto.

    Download the BMA manifesto (PDF)

  • Key briefing papers

    Read our briefings for each of the 5 key areas:

    1. Brexit
    2. Public health
    3. NHS funding
    4. General practice
    5. NHS pressures (bed numbers, workforce crisis, etc)
  • Political party manifestos - how did they compare?

    As the political party manifestos became available, we scrutinised the details and provided an overview of the pledges that will impact upon our members and the health sector more widely.

    Find out more

  • A vote for health - a digital feature

    We produced a digital feature on the crucial issues facing the NHS.

    Read our digital feature

  • Media coverage

    The key issues which we highlighted in the BMA manifesto were widely covered across national and our own media channels.

    Read the media highlights