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International medical organisations

The BMA is a member of several international medical organisations. Details of these are below.


World Medical Organisation

The World Medical Organisation (WMA) is an international and independent confederations of professional medical associations.

The WMA represents physicians worldwide. Its main areas of focus are:

  • medical ethics - codes of practice and guidelines
  • global health - healthcare and health promotions targeting whole populations
  • human rights - physicians as human rights advocates.

The main decision-making body of the WMA is its General Assembly, which meets annually. This is comprised of delegations from national member associations, the officers and members of the WMA council, and representatives of the organisation's associate members (individual physician members of the WMA).

Read the WMA policies on ethical and social issues

The WMA has published its first annual report -  highlights include:

  • Message from WMA President Dr Yoshitake Yokokura
  • Key messages from WMA events across the year
  • Financial report

Commonwealth Medical Association

The Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA) was established as a non-governmental organisation in 1952.

It exists to assist and strengthen the capacities of national medical associations of Commonwealth countries to improve the health, well-being and human rights of their communities.