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Patients as victims

Sahrawi midwife measures the blood pressure of a woman after giving birth, in a post-partum visit at her haima, in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps
  • France

    BMA condemns the plight of refugees in Calais

    On 13 July 2016, Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair, wrote to the French Ambassador, Sylvie Bermann condemning the recent decision by the French authorities to prevent aid convoys from entering the refugee camp in Calais to deliver basic supplies.

    Highlighting the plight of the refugees currently stranded in Calais, Dr Porter called on the French authorities to allow unrestricted access to those organisations who wished to provide aid to this highly vulnerable group of people.

    Read Mark Porter's letter to the French Ambassador

  • Uganda

    Anti-homosexuality law in Uganda

    The BMA has written to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni urging him to withdraw new legislation which means that homosexuality now carries a life sentence in Uganda.

    Homosexuality was already a crime, with adults found to have had same-sex relationships facing seven years in prison. Under the new law those found guilty of same-sex relationships would automatically be sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Punishments have also been extended under the new law to people involved in 'promoting' homosexuality.

    Read the BMA's letter to the Ugandan president