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Tools and resources

We can provide you with and point you in the direction of tools and resources to help you raise awareness and fight for fair medical trade.


Ethical Procurement for Health Workbook

In partnership with the Sustainable Development Unit, the Ethical Trading Initiative, and the Department of Health, the BMA has produced a new edition of the Ethical Procurement for Health Workbook. 

This resource aims to provide practical guidance for organisations in the health and social care sector to embed labour standards considerations into procurement and supplier management activities.   

The refreshed workbook (version 2.0) reinforces the importance of ethical procurement for the health sector and can help organisations apply effective due diligence to suppliers and their supply chains, in line with the principles of the Modern Slavery Act.

The updates incorporate recent legislative changes together with case studies, links to supporting materials, proven tools and training.

The Ethical Procurement for Health framework model of continuous improvement has been simplified and streamlined to provides a clear structure for implementation and tracking progress over time.

To download the workbook, visit the Sustainable Development Unit website.


Other guidance and resources

Joint BMA guidance

The BMA, in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners, has published new guidance detailing how to introduce ethical and sustainable criteria into your commissioning and procurement policies.

Read our guidance for CCGs and GPs

Ethical Procurement for Health: Overview (PDF)

Complete our online e-learning module (login required)


World Medical Association

WMA statement on Fair Medical Trade



What is the difference between fair trade and ethical trade, is there a list of approved suppliers, and should you boycott certain products?

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