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Healthcare information for all


The Healthcare Information For All (HIFA) campaign focuses on the needs of frontline primary healthcare workers, especially those who work in relative professional isolation, such as rural health posts and small hospitals.

Tens of thousands of people die every day, often for the simple reason that their carer or health worker lacks the information and knowledge they need to save them.

The aim of this campaign is to ensure every person and every health worker will have access to the healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of those for whom they are responsible.


What is HIFA?

HIFA is a campaign and knowledge network with more than 16,000 members in 170 countries worldwide.


Who is involved?

Members include:

  • health workers
  • publishers
  • librarians
  • information technologists
  • researchers
  • social scientists
  • journalists
  • policy-makers

Members communicate via five dynamic email forums - sharing knowledge, approaches and strategies for addressing 'information poverty' in developing countries.


What you can do

There numerous ways to support the campaign and to get involved.

Visit HIFA for more information


Free evidence-based information

Health professionals in low and middle income countries or places where peer-reviewed, evidence-based information is in short supply, can use the following resources free of charge.

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