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Doctors as volunteers

About doctors as volunteers

Doctors work as volunteers in many parts of the world and under the auspices of a variety of organisations.

The importance and significance of their work has far-reaching benefits not only to the individual, through broadening the skills base of clinicians, but also to host countries or UK communities where bringing help and assistance leaves such a positive legacy.

The scale and scope of volunteering activity is not well documented and the routes to involvement are largely informal. With a variety of health sector organisations taking an increasing interest in voluntary activities, we are committed to building the evidence base on the benefits of medical volunteering within the UK and low income settings.

Doctors as volunteers is an initiative which seeks to:

  • promote the positive values of volunteering within the health profession
  • recognise the voluntary effort that contributes to health and wellbeing, and to public health and care services in the UK and abroad
  • embed a deeper understanding of volunteering and its benefits across all of health, public health and social care


2019 poster competition

To help promote the positive values of volunteering within the health profession, take part in this year's poster competition.


Volunteering opportunities by location

Browse our interactive map of volunteering organisations, made up of past winners and runners up of the Doctors as Volunteers poster competition.


Advice on volunteering abroad

Read our guide on how to volunteer in a developing country, including what to consider, how to take time out and more.

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