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Health services under threat

Since the EU referendum, the BMA has extensively explored the impact of Brexit on health services across the UK and Europe. We have produced a series of briefing papers which have highlighted the many ways in which the UK’s membership of the EU has benefited patients, the health workforce and health services, as well as the risks of leaving the EU without a deal in place. 

At our Annual Representative Meeting in June 2018 the BMA voted on a motion which declared our opposition to Brexit and called for the public to have a final say on Brexit in a second referendum, now more is known about its wide-ranging effects. 

There is far too much uncertainty around the implications of Brexit for patients, doctors and health services.

Any form of Brexit could have wide ranging, and damaging consequences for health services across the UK and Europe, including on workforce and immigration, Northern Ireland, access to medicines, reciprocal health care, professional qualifications and patient safety, access to medical radioisotopes, medical research and rare diseases.

The BMA is calling for the public to have a final, informed say on the Brexit deal.


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Brexit briefing: A health service under threat: the dangers of a 'no deal' Brexit

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