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A health service on the brink: the dangers of a no deal Brexit

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The BMA has repeatedly warned that a 'no deal' Brexit will have damaging consequences for patients, the health workforce and health services across the UK and Europe. From the supply of medicines and patient access to care, to Northern Ireland and the impact on the health workforce: no part of the health service will be left unscathed.

To make a bad situation even more challenging, the NHS faces being plunged into a no deal Brexit during winter. The NHS has always faced increase pressure on its resources across the winter period, but over the course of this year, that pressure has been relentless.

The UK could crash out of the EU in less than three months but, alarmingly, there are unanswered questions about the Government's no deal planning and the impact no deal could have on issues such as medical research, trade deals and the recognition of professional qualifications.

Given the risks that Brexit, and a no deal Brexit poses to the NHS and the nation’s health, the BMA believes every possible step must be taken to avoid no deal. It is vital the public has the final say on any Brexit proposed deal.


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A health service on the brink: the dangers of a no deal Brexit



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