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BMA briefing: Workforce and future immigration policy

For the UK to continue to provide safe and reliable healthcare services and to remain globally competitive in the life sciences, it must be able to recruit and retain doctors and other healthcare staff from the EU and elsewhere in the world.

The BMA is calling on the government to implement a flexible immigration system which facilitates the entry of doctors, nurses and other key health and social care staff to the UK, and enables UK-trained doctors to work in the EU should they so choose.


Our key asks

  • A formal agreement on citizens’ rights must be reached as soon as possible to avoid a 'cliff edge' that could occur if EU citizens are no longer able to come to the UK to work, if more choose to leave, or are unable to stay due to a change in their immigration status.
  • Sufficient stay must be given to EU medical students currently studying in the UK to allow them to complete their courses and continue to foundation training and training posts.
  • Measures must be put in place during the transition period to ease the shift from one immigration policy to a post-Brexit system.
  • Any new immigration system must be flexible and responsive to the needs of the health and social care systems.
  • A system of mutual recognition of professional qualifications (MRPQ) must be maintained.


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Brexit briefing: Workforce

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