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BMA briefing: Euratom

As a member of Euratom, the UK currently has access to a secure and consistent supply of radioisotopes which are vital in medicine for diagnosis, clinical pathology and treatment.

The UK’s decision to leave the EU will risk the UK’s ability to secure timely access to these radioisotopes, as well as funding for nuclear research. It is vital that the UK continues to work with Euratom to maintain the benefits of collaboration in these areas.


Key points

  • Euratom facilities a secure and consistent supply of radioisotopes which have a range of applications in medicine. They are vital for diagnosing particular diseases through nuclear medicine imaging techniques, treatment of cancer through radiotherapy, as well as palliative relief of pain, and biochemical analysis in clinical pathology.
  • Working outside of Euratom would reduce the reliability by which the UK can obtain these vital supplies, leave the UK increasingly exposed to supply chain risks, and restrict the ability of the EU (European Union) and UK to share expertise. It would also weaken collaborative links between the UK and EU on nuclear-medicine research.
  • To minimise these risks, the UK Government should negotiate a formal agreement to work within the Euratom framework.


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Brexit briefing: Euratom and Brexit

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