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BMA briefing: competition and procurement

Competition and procurement is an area where the UK’s decision to leave the EU has presented some opportunities to make positive reform.

Brexit presents a chance for the UK to extricate itself from the EU laws which, in part, have helped to establish the rules by which publically funded healthcare services, particularly in the English NHS, must be procured and open to competition.


Key points

  • The UK government should end the application of EU competition and procurement law to the commissioning of NHS services in England.
  • Access to NHS markets should not be used as a bargaining chip in relation to any future trade deals with the EU.
  • The NHS should be exempted from any future international trade deals, such as those with the USA.
  • Post-Brexit, all regulations and rules requiring competitive tendering within the NHS or HSCNI services should be removed, allowing clinicians and commissioners to focus on care and not competition.


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Brexit briefing: Competition and procurement in the healthcare system

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