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Brexit and the medical profession

We are working hard to safeguard the future of the medical profession and the patients you serve following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

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  • Craigavon hospital 
17 October 2016
Secondary care

    Brexit briefing: Northern Ireland

    The challenges facing doctors and health services ahead of Brexit are considerable but have the potential to be felt even more profoundly in Northern Ireland, which shares a land border with another EU country.

  • Scottish Parliament 2

    How will Brexit affect health social care in Scotland? (PDF)

    Any trade deals the UK enters into after Brexit must not sacrifice the ability of UK or Scottish Governments to bring forward legitimate measures to improve public health, warns BMA Scotland.

  • Brexit briefing: Health protection and health security

    Health protection and security in the UK, including efforts to combat infectious diseases, air pollution and maintaining high food standards, has been fundamentally shaped by our membership of the European Union.

  • St Marys/Hammersmith Hospitals 21-12-16
Hospital doctor taking blood pressure SMH2016

    Impact on patient care

    Patient care across the UK is supported by important collaborations, safeguards and agreements with the EU. Brexit has the potential to significantly affect the care patients receive. Read more.

  • Prime minister Theresa May 16x9

    Working time regulations - the Prime Minister responds

    Read the Prime Minister's response to the letter on WTRs from the BMA and 12 other leading health organisations.


  • a busy hospital

    Working time regulations - our letter to the Prime Minister

    Together with 12 leading health organisations, we wrote to the Prime Minister asking her to protect the Working Time Regulations after Brexit.

  • Diverse doctors

    Brexit briefing: Workforce and future immigration policy

    For the UK to continue to provide safe and reliable healthcare services and to remain globally competitive in the life sciences, it must be able to recruit and retain doctors from the EEA and elsewhere in the world.

  • BMA responds to breakthrough in Brexit talks

    We welcome the progress made in talks, in particular guarantees on citizens’ rights and confirmation there not be a hard border in Northern Ireland. These assurances are vital.

  • Brexit manifesto cover 16x9

    Healthcare first - a Brexit blueprint for Europe

    Our manifesto sets out what the BMA believe needs to be achieved for doctors and patients during the Brexit negotiations and beyond. Read more.

  • EU doctor survey 2017 infographic 16x9

    EU survey

    A survey of EU doctors working in the UK has found that nearly half are considering leaving following the EU referendum result, with almost one in five already having solid plans to relocate elsewhere.


  • EU referendum
UK and EU flags

    BMA Brexit briefings

    We've published a series of briefings that outline our policy positions on a range of key issues relating to the impact of Brexit on the UK healthcare system.

Brexit : our key asks

  1. Permanent residence for EU doctors and medical researchers currently in the UK

  2. A flexible immigration system which supports UK health and medical research

  3. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications and measures which protect patient safety

  4. Ongoing access to EU research programmes and research funding

  5. Consideration of the unique impact Brexit may have on Northern Ireland’s health service

Number of NHS staff from overseas

  • NHS staff in England who are nationals of a county outside the UK


  • NHS staff in England who are nationals of other EU countries


  • Health and social work staff in Scotland who are EU nationals


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