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Brexit – what it means for the medical profession

EU referendum
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Politicians must ensure the health service is a priority during Brexit negotiations

The BMA calls on all political parties to:

  • give highly skilled EU doctors and medical researchers currently in the UK - on whom the health service relies - permanent residence in the UK
  • ensure a flexible immigration system which meets the needs of the UK health service and medical research sector
  • preserve existing reciprocal arrangements, including mutual recognition of professional qualifications and measures which protect patient safety
  • secure ongoing access to EU research programmes and research funding, to maintain the UK's world-leading science and research base
  • ensure Brexit does not hinder the UK's ability to play a leading role in European and international efforts to tackle global health threats
  • address the unique impact Brexit may have on the health service in Northern Ireland

Download the BMA manifesto briefing on Brexit

The BMA has been working hard to safeguard the future of the medical profession and the patients we serve following the UK's vote to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016.

As the representative of the UK's doctors, the BMA must be consulted and involved in consultations ahead of, and during the negotiations to leave the EU, which would affect the profession and our patients. We have identified a number of priorities for health which need to be considered in the negotiations, including:

  • the retention and recruitment of EU staff
  • mutual recognition of professional qualifications
  • science and research
  • health and safety legislation
  • public health protection and procurement.

Read on to find out more detail about our work in this area.