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Scotland SASC overview

The Scottish staff, associate specialists and specialty doctors committee (SSASC) represents staff, associate specialist and specialty working in Scotland.

It has full delegated authority to negotiate on devolved matters.


Our priorities

The Scottish SAS committee are working on a number of matters affecting SAS doctors in Scotland.

Improving the working lives of SAS doctors

SSASC has been working with the Scottish Government and NHS employers as part of Improving SAS Doctors’ Working Lives Group to look at the attractiveness of the SAS grade in Scotland. The group have developed a survey around recruitment and retention and the SAS charter, which has been distributed to health boards in Scotland. We will continue to work together with Scottish Government and NHS employers to address some of the specific issues that the survey has identified.

SAS doctor training and development

The SAS professional development fund in Scotland provides funding to support SAS doctors in Scotland pursue development and education opportunities. It is overseen by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), supported by an Associate Postgraduate Dean and has BMA SAS doctor representation on its Programme Board whose function is to provide strategic overview and direction for the SAS development programme, and to act as a decision-making panel to prioritise applications to the fund. There is a network of regional educational advisers, all of whom are SAS doctors, as is the Associate Postgraduate Dean.

SSASC continues to highlight the vast benefits of the fund to SAS doctors in Scotland. Find out more about the fund.

Shape of training

Shape of training is a UK-wide review into whether changes in postgraduate medical training are required to ensure it continues to meet the needs of patients and health services in future.

The BMA is represented by Lewis Morrison, the chair of Scottish Council on the Scottish shape of training transition and implementation groups – looking at what may be the implementation plan of the recommendations from the UK-level report of the Shape of training Steering Group for Scotland.  The BMA is also represented at a UK-wide level.

SASC will continue to monitor any effects on SAS colleagues as the development plan evolves for the workstreams in Scotland.

Find out more about Shape of Training


The GMC are planning to introduce a process of credentialing in 2019 and have consulted on a draft framework with stakeholders, including the BMA. They will now analyse the feedback and refine their proposals in preparation for launch later in the year. SSASC will continue to monitor this work closely considering what it means for SAS doctors, with input to BMA representation on the Shape of Training Groups.


SSASC members


Bernie Scott (supernumerary)

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Our meetings

We meet four times a year to discuss the latest issues affecting SAS doctors in Scotland.

The meeting dates for session 2019-20 are:

Thursday 5 September 2019
Tuesday 12 November 2019
Thursday 27 February 2020
Tuesday 26 May 2020


Who can attend

These meetings are open to members of the Scottish SAS committee only. Non-voting committee members can also come along and participate as part of the BMA committee visitors' scheme.

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More information

For more details about the committee, please email Dominique Maske at [email protected].