Retired Members Committee

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RMConf 2018 report

The 15th RMC was held on 16 March 2018 at BMA House. The report is reproduced below.

Meeting: 16 March 2018

Present:  Richard Rawlins (in the chair), Brian Guttridge (deputy chair), Chaand Nagpaul (UK council chair), Andrew Dearden (BMA treasurer), Anthea Mowat (Representative Body chair), John Temple (BMA president), Lucie Cocker (JDC rep for retired members conference), Jeeves Wijesuriya (JDC chair), and 50 retired members.

Progress report

1. 2018 Conference

The fifteenth meeting of the retired members conference was held at BMA House on Friday, 16 March 2018. The meeting heard addresses from the following speakers:

  • Dr Andrew Dearden, BMA treasurer, Your BMA; what’s changing, what’s staying the same, which included an update on the review of regional council structures.
  • Sir John Temple, BMA president, My journey in medicine – making a difference.
  • Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chair, Update from the council chair on key activities, which included an update on the NHS collaborative working project.
  • Dr Richard Rawlins, retired member conference chair, gave an update on proposals for new retired members committee and proposed constitutional changes arising from it.

In the afternoon, members of the conference divided into two break-out groups where they discussed and brainstormed ideas on: 'Morale in the medical profession'; and 'Regulation and the medical profession.' Lucie Cocker participated in the group on 'Regulation and the medical profession' and both Lucie and Jeeves Wijesuriya assisted discussion on the case of Dr Bawa-Garba.

The groups then reconvened and provided a summary of their discussions to the conference. Thereafter, members of the conference debated motions submitted in advance and some arising from the breakout groups, and the resolutions will be referred to the joint agenda committee.

2. RMC seats for the annual representative meeting 2018

There are 18 seats allocated to the retired members conference for the annual representative meeting, and arrangements were made for these seats to be filled. This year, with the exception of the two seats reserved for the chair and deputy-chair, all 16 RMConf seats at the ARM were filled by ballot.

3. Election for the proposed retired members committee

Elections were held for the x5 member-elect seats on the proposed retired members committee. These seats would be for a term of 2 years to start after the 2018 ARM in the event that the proposal for a committee was approved at the 2018 ARM. All 5 seats on the RMC were filled by ballot .