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Overview of the Public Health Medicine Committee (PHMC)

The Public Health Medicine Committee PHMC discusses all matters affecting public health medicine and public health physicians. 


Who we are


  • PHMC chair: Dr Iain Kennedy
  • PHMC deputy chairs: Dr Stephen Watkins and Dr Mark Lim


Other committees

The Public Health Medicine Registrars Subcommittee (PHMRS)

The subcommittee meets three times a year to discuss issues of particular relevance to trainees. The chair is Dr Kitty Mohan.

Contact email: [email protected]

The Public Health Medicine Consultative Committee (PHMCC)

The PHMCC is made up of representatives of the Faculty of Public Health, the Public Health Medicine Committee, Unite and the Department of Health and meets to discuss issues relating to standards and the practice of public health medicine.

The Welsh Committee for Public Health Medicine (WCPHM)

Considers and reports to the committee for public health medicine on matters peculiar to Wales, respecting the relationship of the medical profession in Wales to the Welsh Government. It keeps the central committee informed of the circumstances related to practice in Wales.

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Our meetings

The committee meets three times a year, in early February, mid-May and early October, to discuss all matters affecting public health medicine and public health physicians. Email us to find out more.


Get involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the work of the committee email the committee secretary, David Cloke for further information.


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Any questions?

Email us: [email protected]