Patient Liasion Group

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Mission statement

The Patient Liaison Group (PLG) was established in 2004 to provide a formal mechanism by which patients are represented within the BMA.

The PLG acts as an internal reference group and provides the BMA with an informed patient view on matters of interest to the medical profession and to patients. It works to inform BMA policy by ensuring that the patient voice is represented on matters being addressed by the BMA. It also highlights areas of patient concern to the BMA.

PLG members come from a range of backgrounds and draw on their knowledge and experience as patients, carers, advocates or professionals working in a range of health-related fields.

PLG members are here to:

  • act as a critical friend on issues that concern patients
  • initiate constructive and robust challenges to decision making and policy development
  • ensure BMA policy development processes and related activities include patients' perspective, interests and concerns
  • help the BMA understand how its decisions will affect patients and carers and raise awareness of the needs of all patient groups, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged.


How we achieve our mission statement

  • Working alongside BMA committees on behalf of patients, with representation on six key BMA committees, including BMA Council, General Practitioners Committee and Consultants Committee.
  • Feeding in the patient viewpoint to work taking place across the BMA.
  • Contributing to BMA consultation responses on matters requiring a patient perspective.
  • Developing patient-focused resources on topics ranging from self-care to toolkits for doctors on patient involvement.
  • Meeting with relevant stakeholders.