Patient Liasion Group

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Get involved with the Patient Liaison Group

Government health policy has increasingly focused on the healthcare experience of individual patients.

This shift towards empowering patients means a non-clinical perspective is now, more than ever, crucially important. As the leading professional association for doctors in the UK, the BMA has a vital role to support this change.

Becoming involved in the PLG provides the opportunity to shape the BMA’s views on key healthcare issues, ranging from patient confidentiality and NHS reforms to organ donation and social care.

PLG members have the following key responsibilities:

  • to attend three whole-day PLG meetings per session. These dates are published every session, which runs July to June, and dates will be provided to candidates at interview
  • to contribute to BMA work areas and consultation responses in a timely fashion on matters requiring a patient perspective. A large portion of the group's work is conducted electronically, including providing comments on draft documents and consultations
  • to put forward matters for consideration with regard to future BMA policy development
  • to provide PLG representation on another BMA committee. This is voluntary and variable
  • while PLG members may have other affiliations, they act as individuals on the PLG and not on behalf of outside organisations.


How to get involved

The BMA recruits a number of new PLG members annually on a voluntary basis.

These vacancies will be advertised on the BMA website in February or March 2019.

The recruitment process involves a written application and an interview during April and new members are appointed in May.

Email [email protected]for further information.