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Online elections and nominations

Following member feedback, we have introduced a new online system for nominating and voting in BMA committee elections. The system is simpler and quicker to use than previous paper-based voting and has been developed as part of our ongoing work to better represent our members. The process is more modern, transparent and inclusive so that more members can use their voice.

The system is used at the Annual Representative Meeting and committee and conference elections. All future committee and conference elections will be included as part of a phased roll out which should be completed by June 2020.

Access the supporting guidance and training videos below.

Online elections and nominations system

Click on the link below to launch the online elections and nominations system in a new window.

Access the online elections system


Online elections - videos


Former chair of the BMA's Representative Body Anthea Mowat discusses how our work to increase participation and accessibility has led us to the creation of our new online system. Watch the video below.


Watch our short step by step guide to using the online elections and nominations system. Watch the video below.


Online elections - quick guides

See our infographics to get a quick guide to nominations and voting.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Guide to nominations

Click to view larger image

Guide to voting

Click to view larger image


Essential information

Ensure you are fully informed and following the guidelines to nominating and voting appropriately.

Read the essential information


Online nominations and elections report

We've produced a report on the successes of the rollout of online elections, the timeline and what we're continuing to improve.

Read the report


  • Login

    What email and password do I use?

    You should use your normal BMA ID email and password. If you have forgotten these, follow the link on the log-in page.


    Some BMA elections allow non-members to nominate and vote in. Will this still be possible with the online system?

    If the election allows non-members to participate, a non-member online account will need to be set up beforehand with our membership department.


    I have clicked on a document but cannot find where it has opened.

    Please check the tabs at the top of your internet browser.

  • Election timings

    Where can I find out when the nomination and voting phases opening and closing times?

    All election timings are in the Election Guide available within each section of the system. It will also be available on the relevant committee/conference webpage

  • Nomination

    How many seats can I nominate myself in/vote in?

    Once you have logged into the system, you will see the seats that you are eligible to nominate and vote in, based on your membership details.


    Can I nominate or propose someone else for a seat?

    The system has been designed to allow for self-nomination only. Those elections that currently require a proposer or seconder are being reviewed and will not be rolled out until the later stages of the plan.


    What if the elections I want to nominate/vote in are not listed?

    If you are eligible to nominate/vote in the election but cannot it listed, your membership details may not be up to date. View and update your details


    Why do elections appear in some sections but not others?

    This depends what stage the election is at. For example if an election is at the nomination stage it will not appear in the voting section.


    Am I able to edit/withdraw my nomination after I have submitted it?

    Yes, you are able to edit and withdraw your nomination after submitting it, at any point up until the nomination phase closes.


    What if I can see an election to nominate in, but I do not meet the eligibility criteria?

    If you are able to view an election but do not meet the eligibility criteria then you are not permitted to nominate. If you’re not sure if you meet the eligibility criteria please first check the election guide or contact the staff election lead (contact details provided in the guide).


    What is the memorandum of understanding?

    This is a document outlining the election principles upheld within the BMA. It is essential to consent to these principles in order to take part in BMA elections. Read the memorandum of understanding


    What name appears on the voting page?

    This is the name you have provided for your membership. If you are known by another name, you can change it on the nomination system.


    If I fill in the box under 'Are you identified by any other name?' where does this information go?

    The name you enter is only used on the online nominations and voting system and will appear on the voting paper. It will not change your membership details.


    Are there rules regarding what I can write in my candidate statement?

    The election guide available on the system provides all guidance on what should and shouldn’t be included and the rules around wording. 


    What counts as a word?

    The system considers any character between two spaces a word, be it a number or a symbol. It does not count the spaces.


    Do I have to upload a photo/video?

    Not all elections will ask you to upload a photo and/or video. On those that do we would encourage members to do so as it will enhance your candidate profile.


    What are the size restrictions on the photo and video upload?

    The maximum size for a photo is 5MB.

    There is no size restriction on the video as the users are only required to paste the URL of the video from the hosted site.

    Please note: The user needs to copy the URL from the address bar of the browser and paste it in the field.

  • Voting

    Can I edit or withdraw my vote after I have submitted it?

    No, after submission, no further changes are possible.


    Do I have to vote for the full number of people listed on the voting page?

    No, you can vote for as many or as few as you wish (one candidate being the minimum).


    I have just nominated in an election, when does the election open for voting? It does not appear in the voting section.

    The election will only appear in the voting section once voting has opened. However, you can check an election’s timings within the election guide found within the system or on the relevant committee/conference webpage.


    What is STV?

    The Single Transferable Vote (STV) is a form of proportional representation where you rank the candidates. Candidates don't need a majority of votes to be elected, just a known 'quota', or share of the votes, determined by the size of the electorate and the number of positions to be filled.

    Each voter gets one vote, which can transfer from their first-preference to their second-preference, so if your preferred candidate has no chance of being elected or has enough votes already, your vote is transferred to another candidate in accordance with your instructions. STV thus ensures that very few votes are wasted, unlike other systems, especially First Past the Post, where only a small number of votes actually contribute to the result.


    Why do we use STV?

    STV gives voters more choice than any other system. This in turn puts most power in the hands of the voters.

    Fewer votes are 'wasted' (ie cast for losing candidates or unnecessarily cast for the winner) under STV. This means that most voters can identify a representative that they personally helped to elect. Such a link in turn increases a representative's accountability.

  • Results

    When are the results released?

    The results are released once they have been verified, which varies on each election. Timings will be provided within the election guide.


    Who will receive the results?

    If you have nominated yourself within an election you will receive an email once the election results have been published. Most election results are then published on the relevant committee/conference webpage  


    Where are the results published?

    The results are published on the online elections system (for those with access) and the relevant committee/conference webpage.


    Will I be notified if I’m a successful candidate?

    Yes, if you nominate yourself within an election you will receive an automated email when the results of that election are able to be viewed on the elections system.

  • Contact

    I have read the FAQs, quick guides and watched the demonstration and still have a problem – who do I contact?

    If you are at a conference and require support, please speak to one of the election team, otherwise please contact [email protected]

    Staff will monitor and respond to your query during office hours only (9am - 5pm Monday to Friday).