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The pressurised situations and responsibilities that medical students will experience while studying can be uniquely stressful and in some cases can contribute to mental health problems. It is essential that medical students are well-supported during their time at university and that assistance and advice are readily available.

The Wales Medical Student Committee (WMSC) believes that it is important that there are services that provide support to medical students and ensuring that they are signposted effectively should be key priorities for all medical schools. WMSC would like to find out what the experiences of medical students in Wales have been of services in accessing mental health support services.

As part of our work to secure improvements to these services, we are conducting a survey of medical students at both Cardiff and Swansea medical schools, seeking to learn more about their experiences of the support that is available to help with their mental health.

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All responses are confidential. The responses to this survey will give us an idea of individual students' personal experiences and using these responses, we will seek to work with both Cardiff and Swansea medical schools to find ways in which improvements can be made to the support that medical students receive.

The BMA also provides confidential support and counselling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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