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Medical students committee elections 2019

MSC 2018, Medical students committee, 2018


Every year the BMA holds elections at all UK medical schools to elect BMA student representatives and deputies.

These representatives make up the BMA medical students committee and attend quarterly meetings at BMA House in London.

As part of the committee you will:

  • Be the voice of our future doctors
  • Lobby for positive change in student finance, welfare and education
  • Represent students' views from all over the UK

A BMA student representative and deputy will be elected at each medical school by their fellow BMA student members; at split campus medical schools, such as Nottingham and Derby, one BMA representative is elected for the entire medical school and one deputy representative is elected for each campus.

Deputy BMA student representatives may be asked to occasionally deputise for the BMA student representative at MSC meetings.

Each elected student member serves a one-year term running from September, and current elected student members are welcome to stand again if they are still medical students.

Elections for the 2019-2020 session are now open. To submit a nomination, please login to BMA elections.

There will be a training day at BMA House in late August 2019 for all elected representatives and deputy representatives.


Election schedule

Voting will take place for the role of representative for the following medical schools:

  • Anglia Ruskin: voting currently open and closes 12pm on 26 July.
  • Oxford: voting currently open and closes 12pm on 5 August.

To vote in one of the elections, please login to BMA’s elections. If you have any questions regarding the election process please contact [email protected]



Download the MSC election guidelines

Download the role profile for a BMA student representative

Download the role profile for a deputy BMA student representative