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Medical student finance survey

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The BMA medical student finance survey is undertaken every three to five years. The 2018 survey highlighted severe financial concerns for medical students, including:

  • 68% of medical students are under more financial pressure compared to what they had anticipated prior to starting medical school.
  • Only 70.5 per cent of respondents said that they would choose to study medicine again, down from over 80% in the previous survey.
  • 43.5 per cent of respondents stated they would recommend medicine to school students, regardless of their socioeconomic background; down from 54.6 per cent in the previous survey.
  • More than 70 per cent of medical students are cutting down on essentials such as heating, food or professional clothes as a result of financial pressures.

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What we are doing

The Medical Students Committee believes that no medical student should suffer as a result of financial pressures. The 2018 survey report shows worrying trends as more medical students than ever before are detrimentally impacted by sustained burdens imposed upon them.

As a committee we are working on a number of financial issues and are committed to reducing the impact felt by students and to making their studying and living conditions better. We will be highlighting the shocking results as part of our work and lobbying for better financial support for all medical students.


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If you have any queries regarding the survey report please let us know at [email protected].