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Student finance

Incorrect tuition fee loan payments

The MSC is aware that in recent years the Student Loans Company has made errors in awarding tuition fee loans to some graduate medical students who were ineligible to receive such support. In many instances, students have been asked to pay back the loans with very little notice.

Through meetings with the SLC and by lobbying government, the MSC hopes to improve the situation for affected students.

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Tuition fees agreement

The Department of Health has announced tuition funding arrangements for medical students starting courses in academic years up to 2015-2016. The BMA looks forward to early involvement in agreeing a sustainable solution for 2016 and beyond.

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Widening participation and financial barriers

The BMA and medical students committee committed to increasing participation into medicine from all sectors of society. Despite efforts to increase gender parity and ethnic diversity amongst UK doctors, the lack of people from lower socio economic backgrounds entering medicine is still a reality.

In light of this we are particularly concerned about the number of medical students who face financial hardship during their studies because of their economic status.

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