Medical Ethics Committee

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Membership of the Medical Ethics committee (MEC)

The committee is comprised of the chief officers (ex-officio), seven members elected by the representative body, three members and two deputy members elected by council, and up to eight external members appointed by council in disciplines such as law, moral philosophy, natural sciences or the health professions. Representatives from the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Nursing sit on the committee as observers.

Chief officers

  • President: Professor Dinesh Bhugra
  • Chair of the Representative Body: Dr Anthea Mowat
  • Chair of Council: Dr Chaand Nagpaul
  • Treasurer: Dr Andrew Dearden

Elected by the Representative Body

  • Professor Baroness Ilora Finlay
  • Dr John Chisholm
  • Dr Zoe Greaves
  • Dr Surendra Kumar
  • Dr Helena McKeown
  • Professor Wendy Savage
  • Dr Jan Wise

Elected by Council

  • Dr Mary McCarhty
  • Dr Ian Wilson 
  • Dr Jacqueline Davis

Appointed by Council

  • Professor Bobbie Farsides
  • Professor Robin Gill
  • Professor Ranaan Gillon
  • Professor Emily Jackson
  • David Lock QC
  • Dr Mary Neal
  • Professor Richard Huxtable
  • Professor Gurch Randhawa


  • Dr Hannah Barham-Brown
  • Professor David Katz


  • General Medical Council: Mary Agnew
  • Royal College of Nursing: Dr Janet Holt