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Medical Ethics Committee (MEC)

The MEC is made up of BMA members from a wide range of specialties and experience and lay members who are experts in their field of theology, law and moral philosophy.


Our priorities

The Committee debates ethical issues on the relationship between the medical profession, the public and the state. It also liaises with the General Medical Council (GMC) on all matters of ethics affecting medical practice.

The Committee is supported by the Ethics Secretariat who also produce detailed guidance and discussion papers on a wide range of medico-ethical issues and offer individual ethical advice to members over the phone or email.


Who we are


The MEC chair is Dr John Chisholm.

John has particular interests in patient rights, human rights, organ donation, the confidentiality and security of personal health information, professional standards, medical regulation, and criminal justice.

Deputy chair

The MEC deputy chair is Zoe Greaves.

Zoe Greaves junior doctors committee 2014

Zoe is a GP trainee working in the North East of England and has an interest in practical and applied ethics and public health medicine.

Committee membership

The committee is comprised of the chief officers (ex-officio), seven members elected by the representative body, three members and two deputy members elected by council, and up to eight external members appointed by council in disciplines such as law, moral philosophy, natural sciences or the health professions. Representatives from the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Nursing sit on the committee as observers.

Chief officers

  • President: Professor Pali Hungin
  • Chair of the Representative Body: Dr Anthea Mowat
  • Chair of Council: Dr Mark Porter
  • Treasurer: Dr Andrew Dearden

Elected by the Representative Body

  • Dr Hannah Barham-Brown
  • Dr John Chisholm
  • Professor Baroness Ilora Finlay
  • Dr Zoe Greaves
  • Dr Surendra Kumar
  • Dr Heidi Mounsey
  • Dr Ian Wilson

Elected by Council

  • Dr Jacky Davis
  • Professor Wendy Savage
  • Dr Jan Wise

Appointed by Council

  • Dr Iain Brassington
  • Professor Bobbie Farsides
  • Professor Robin Gill
  • Professor Ranaan Gillon
  • Professor Emily Jackson
  • David Lock QC
  • Dr Mary Neal
  • Mona Siddiqui


  • Dr Theofilos Omar
  • Dr Kevin O’Kane


  • General Medical Council: Mary Agnew
  • Royal College of Nursing: Dr Janet Holt


Our meetings

The meeting dates of the 2016-17 session are:

  • 4 October 2016
  • 6 December 2016
  • 28 February 2017
  • 10 May 2017

All meetings will take place at BMA House from 9am-5pm.

BMA House
Tavistock Square